San Francisco - City by the bay

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19 Feb 2017

San Francisco

In the heartlands of Northern California, San Francisco is a hotbed for innovation and commercialisation. Whilst it’s in the era of modernity, this county city has much to offer.

Camera Obscura

This little gem is on the far west of the city, close to outer Richmond on the pacific coast. Cameras Obscura have had an historical association to San Francisco and it involves projection of an image onto a viewing table via a viewpoint at the top of the building. This Camera Obscura slowly rotates its viewpoint and you can have a full 360° view in around six minutes.

alt Unknown nominal entrance fee. Official website

The Wave Organ

If you have five minutes to spare and you find yourself within the marina district of San Francisco, a trip to the Wave Organ is a must! On the shoreline of the bay, the wave organ produces sounds from the bay and you can hear sounds from under the water. This attraction is suitable for families.

Free to visit. No official website.

Chinese Historical Society of America

Located within the largest Chinese community outside Asia, this fascinating museum holds the largest and oldest documentation of Chinese live in the U.S.A. The number of Chinese migrants living in the U.S now stands at 4 million, compared to just 250,000 when the museum was conceived.

Adult General Admission (ages 18-65) : $15.00 Senior General Admission ( age 65 and over): $10.00 Student General Admission ( age 13-17 and college student with valid ID): $10.00