Brussels - Heart of Bureaucracy

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20 Oct 2016


Capital of Belgium, Brussels is a capital full of character, different languages and different cultures all infused in one city. Brussels has its fair share of weird and wonderful attractions, whether that’s the Tram Museum in Woluwe St Pierre or the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken there’s something to do for everybody.


The first item on our to-do list is the Trammuseum of Brussels. Originally intented to be a Transport Museum with exhibition halls, the Trammuseum of Brussels is a different attraction, even if it’s a little out of town (the Trammuseum is in the municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre which is around 30 minutes from the city centre). Even so, it’s well worth a visit with one of the largest collections of Trams in Europe with around 90 on display.

Before you go please check the opening times as the opening times can vary in winter Cost is €8 per person (as of 1st November 2016). visit the official website


Musée du jouet

Set in the former grounds of a large mansion, the Toy museum is the ideal place for anybody who has young children or are young at heart. Most of the information is in French but this is overcome by the large collection amassed by multiple enthusiasts over the years, of which many of the toys are recognisable.

Cost is €6.50 per person (as of 1st November 2016). No official website alt

Tram Diner

In rather bizzare fashion, a Tram has been converted for fine dining. You may be questioning why anybody would want to eat their evening meal in a tram but it’s certainely a unique experience that the tram diner offers. note that it is strictly reservation only. More information here

Musee Schaerbeekois de la Biere

If you are in or close to Schaerbeek, you must take a few minutes out to visit the beer museum. Run by a few locals, the museum now houses over 2000 bottles, with many other materials such as beer signs and glasses. Even if you couldn’t spend all day here, it’s well worth a visit if you are in the area. Cost is €3 which includes a free beer tasting, open wednesdays and saturday Afternoons 2pm - 6pm, as of 1st november 2016

visit the official website

Final Verdict

Finding unknown attractions in Brussels was very hard as there is so many that are known around the world. Wherever you go in Brussels, unknown or well-known, you will encounter an atmosphere that many cities around Europe have failed to replicate.