Rotterdam - Port of europe

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20 Oct 2016


This enchanted port city is filled with character, even if it’s shadowed in many people’s minds by the larger destination in Amsterdam.

As you enter Rotterdam whether that be on the plane or via car, you will notice the expansive financial centre consisting of skyscrapers such as the Maastoren. You will also see the Euromast, which appears later in this article.

Cube Houses (Kubuswoningen)

The Cube Houses originated as a bizarre experiment by architect Piet Blom and was intended to show a crowded but comfortable living space akin to trees in a forest. As a result of large contingent of intrigued tourists regularly flocking to the houses, a show cube (Kijkkubus) has been set up to provide us with all the exploring we need.

Cost is €3 per person (as of 1st October 2016). visit the official website



In true undiscovered fashion, this museum hides in plain sight. The Wereldmuseum is a quirky conglomeration of different cultures and societies under one roof in the centre of Rotterdam. The price for this museum is a little steep, but is offset by a unique look at life all across the world.

Cost is €15 per person (as of 1st October 2016) visit the official website



At first glance, the Euromast may not seem to be the type of attraction that should be on a website that is primarily for hidden attractions. Many people overlook this great attraction and it’s hard to see why. Offering views to Antwerp and The Hague on a sunny day, I believe this attraction is worth the cost. If you have time (and money) to kill, then a sunset meal at the rooftop restaurant would be the centrepiece of any trip to the Netherlands.

Cost is €9.50 per person visit the official website


Kaapse Brouwers

Our final recommendation is the Kaapse Brouwers for all beer connoisseurs. Kaaspe Brouwers offers many local beers and is on the harbourside. If the weather is not good outside, they also have an indoor area too. There is often live music and it is a tranquil way to spend an afternoon in Rotterdam.

Beers are generally around €6 each visit the official website

Final Verdict

Overall, Rotterdam should definitely be on many to do lists and hopefully these attractions should give you a base for an amazing city break.