Vienna - Intellectual Capital of Europe

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22 Oct 2016


Home to a vast amount of classical music and art, Vienna is one of the most cultural cities in Europe. Clean mild and a great infrastructure, Vienna is high up on many to-do lists and it’s easy to understand why.

Haus der Musik

In true Viennese style, the first attraction on our list is the Haus Der Musik. Located centrally in Innere Stadt, the haus Der musik offers a hi-tech approach to the history of music. It is spread over five floors and it features many of Vienna’s ‘poster boys’ such as Joseph Haydn and Beethoven.

Tickets cost €13 per person as of 10th November 2016. Official website

St Stephens crypt

Deep beneath the iconic St Stephen’s Cathedral is the catacombs of st stephen’s cathedral. No booking necessary, just turn up at the Cathedral and there will be a sign stating the next tour time. The tour lasts around 30 minutes and you will be shocked at around 11,000 skeletons.

Tickets cost €4.50 as of 10th November. No official website.

Funeral Museum

Continuing the dark theme, the funeral museum has extensive origins to earlier in the 20th century when the funeral business was booming with over 80 companies all competing for hosting an extravagant funeral! In the grounds of the massive central cemetery, the funeral museum would be an enlightening way of spending an afternoon. It may be noted that some time would need to be allocated to travel to and from here as it is located near Kaiserebersdorf.

Tickets cost €6 as of 10th November. Official website (in german)

Final Verdict

Whilst it would be sensible to combine these attractions with more well-known attractions such as Schönbrunn Palace and the Hofburg Palace, hopefully this article has given you inspiration for events that aren’t quite as well-known but all the same worth visiting.